Promote the national fitness movement Jiangnan glass fiber host volleyball tournament

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 July 19, 2015, "Changshu City, Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. Cup" gas volleyball tournament held in the Haiyu Center Primary School Gymnasium, from Haiyu, Meili, support Tong and other towns of the 11 team more than 140 gas volleyball hobby Who compete in the race.

          Gas volleyball is a new sports with sports, entertainment and leisure. The air volleyball is much bigger than normal volleyball. The ball is relatively slow in the air, so it is very popular among middle-aged and old friends. . On the track, the players are full of passion into the game, serve, catch, pass, smash, blocking, and everywhere carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, the score between the team also chasing me all the way, from time to time to win To the audience bursts of applause.



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