China 's fiberglass mesh cloth EU anti - dumping sunset review soon

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September 24 morning, Ningbo Shanda Glass Co., Ltd. and other 16 companies in China Glass Fiber Industry Association, China Composites Industry Association, with the support of the European Union in China on the EU glass fiber mesh anti-dumping case sunset review investigation responding Matters to reach a consensus, determined to unite and actively participate in the industry without prejudice to defense, and strive to break the EU on China's fiberglass mesh products trade barriers.

Jin Tiancheng senior partner of the law firm told reporters east, the so-called "sunset review", is in the collection of anti-dumping duties imposed by the expiration of 5 years of administrative review, also known as "expired review." According to the relevant provisions of the WTO anti-dumping agreement, any anti-dumping measures taken by the product, in the tax five years later, whether it is necessary to continue to maintain, the complaining parties are subject to review, otherwise automatically "sunset." The European Union's "sunset review" will determine whether anti-dumping is to be continued for five years or more. Therefore, actively participate in anti-dumping "sunset review" is the enterprise and products back to the international market an important means to break the trade barrier is the key to the transition.

It is understood that, as early as May 20, 2010, the European Commission formally on China's exports of glass fiber mesh fabrics (glass fiber) launched an anti-dumping investigation. The European Commission said that according to the case of Saint-Gobain (Saint-Gobain) and other four companies submitted materials, products from China involved in the dumping and damage to the EU industry, it decided to file. February 17, 2011, the EU originating in China's glass fiber mesh fabric to make anti-dumping preliminary ruling. Products involved in the EU combined tariff codes ex70194000, ex70195100, ex70195900, ex70199091, ex70199099 under. During the period, a total of 16 Chinese enterprises to participate in responding, of which four companies require access to market economy treatment, but the EU did not give any Chinese enterprises to market economy treatment. August 9, 2011, the European Commission on China's fiberglass mesh cloth final anti-dumping duties imposed. According to the announcement, China's two enterprises involved in the sub-48.4% and 60.7% of the separate tax rate, cooperative enterprises average tax rate of 57.7%, the national unified tax rate of 62.9%.

After a lapse of five years, on August 9 this year, Alliance for the Defense of Open Mesh Fabric (ADFOM) reintroduced the production of fiberglass grids of more than 1.8 mm in length and weighing more than 35 grams per square meter in China and related areas. Cloth (excluding grinding wheel mesh cloth) continue to impose anti-dumping duties. The complainant to Canada as a "surrogate country", the complainant that: the EU for China is still a very important market; China's export producers, exporters and importers to continue through a third country re-exports, a large number of involved Products to the EU, and in the EU, and other non-EU countries and Asian countries to establish false manufacturing factories to avoid anti-dumping duties; China's domestic construction industry, China's domestic market is shrinking; other countries are also facing the stagnation of the construction industry A problem; China's manufacturers have enough capacity to manufacture can be put into use immediately fiberglass mesh fabric; dumping margin is still very large.

In this regard, to participate in this consultation of the 16 business representatives agreed that the EU glass fiber mesh fabric anti-dumping ignore the fact that it is unfair and unjust, is a typical act of trade protectionism. As a result of the high anti-dumping duties imposed, China's fiberglass fabric manufacturers suffered a heavy blow to forced the majority out of the EU market, many companies started a serious shortage of employees unemployed, the brink of bankruptcy.

Ningbo Shunde, chairman of Lu Chuan pointed out that the EU market, the number of fiberglass mesh sales from more than 400 million square meters in 2012, soared to more than 600 million square meters in 2015, while the appellant's market share increased only To 5 percentage points, even if the Chinese products blocked in the EU market, the complainant is also difficult to "enjoy it"; will be higher prices for better quality Chinese products at the door, it is undermining the interests of its downstream industry, " Damage people not self-serving. "

Wen Hui, deputy secretary general of the China Fiberglass Association and the China Composites Association, said that the EU continues to maintain the "alternative country" approach on the grounds that China does not meet the so-called market economy standards, which essentially protects its own industry through anti-dumping measures; G7 Member States as a "surrogate country", obtained dumping margin of 100% to 230% of the results of the calculation is also obvious scientific and fair, fair; "China's accession to the WTO Protocol" Article 15 (d) "In any case", the exception must be terminated on December 11, 2016, at this time to continue such behavior extremely short-sighted. China Fiberglass Association, China Composite Materials Association to support the domestic glass fiber production enterprises together, that their attitude and actively participate in the industry without prejudice to the defense.

To participate in the EU glass fiber mesh fabric anti-dumping case sunset review investigation respondent enterprises are: Ningbo Shanda Glass Co., Ltd .; Cixi City Flying Glass Co., Ltd.; Ningbo Wei Shan Duobao Building Materials Co., Ltd.; Yuyao Mingda fiberglass limited Ltd .; Jiangxi Luobian Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co., Ltd.; Jiangxi Dahua Group; Jiangsu Tianyu Fiber Co., Ltd.; Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.; Cixi Oulong Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Cixi Jing Hao Glass Fiber Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shandong Chuangjia New Materials Co., Ltd. Shandong days Rui Glass Fiber Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao Guangyu fiberglass products limited liability company Shandong Yuxin New Materials Co., .

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