Jiangnan fiberglass plant 60 anniversary

Product overview

May 28, Changshu City, Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. held the 60th anniversary celebration of literary and art activities, from the company's employees, retirees and customer representatives, nearly 500 people gathered in the form of a cultural show to celebrate the company to establish 60 anniversary.

Changshu City, Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of the city of knitting production cooperatives, founded in 1956, was only 19 workers to 17 sets of gloves, 5 old houses, 800 yuan of funds started in 1972, gradually converting glass fiber products, In 1975, the enterprise changed its name to Changshu County, glass fiber products factory, a town of Haiyu original king of the county area of the first county enterprises. At present, located in the industrial area of Haiyu Town, Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. production of glass fiber mesh and seams, fire blankets, glass fiber reinforced cloth, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber glass fiber coated cloth, glass steel products and glass Fiber casing and Shengdai series of products have been recognized by domestic and foreign markets.

Celebrations, from the company's art lovers and Haiyu Zhenjiang River Art Troupe of the cast and crew on stage came to perform the instrumental ensemble "radiant", dance "good start", the Shanghai opera "wedding" more than 10 programs, during the company also Interspersed with lucky draw and other activities.

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  Changshu, Jiangsu, China