Shanghai New wall and building energy-saving materials industry, the results of quality management assessment released

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   Steady progress in boosting business, fully demonstrate the industry better. Recently, the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, the industry's highly anticipated 2009 Shanghai new wall and building energy-saving materials industry, quality management star evaluation results, 108 enterprises were awarded quality, good or compliance level, at the same time , 21 enterprise products shortlisted the first batch of PKPM architect design library directory. Ranking the panorama of the enterprise, the comprehensive display of Shanghai's new wall and building energy-saving materials industry's overall image, not only further strengthen the sense of quality, while the implementation of a pursuit of excellence, brand new leap.

And constantly upgrade and improve the new wall and building energy-saving materials industry in Shanghai product quality, management level is the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association determined to unswervingly. With the previous industry recommendation, the quality of winning different enterprises, the quality management star rating, on the one hand the more important to guide and regulate the production and business behavior, to promote the healthy development of the industry to ensure the safety and construction projects in Shanghai Quality and stability; the other hand, the analysis of the industry, the good industrial chain in the production and quality management of all kinds of context. To this end, the assessment activities, not only by the industry's widely recognized enterprises, but also by the relevant government departments attach great importance. They agreed that the results of the assessment not only showcase the best elements of the industry, but also provide a general mobilization for industry progress, and through this form, the association can further integrate industry resources, and from the industry development and enterprise continue to adapt The height of the market, improve the integrity of enterprise management system, quality management play an irreplaceable leading role. Therefore, the association to the spirit of innovation and development of the industry to carry out differentiated quality management star rating. According to the characteristics of the industry, according to industry experts, the assessment indicators will be refined and quantified, the assessment requirements and scoring standards are fully open. And developed the relevant evaluation criteria and rating rules. To better reflect the fairness of the assessment results, the association organization from the City Building Science Research Institute, Tongji University, Shanghai Construction Safety and Quality Supervision Station and the Association of the members of the Group of experts on-site assessment. According to the experts on-site assessment and the performance of daily quality of business performance, the evaluation committee conducted a rigorous review, and the list of evaluation results by the Shanghai Building Materials Information Network publicity to the public, and ultimately determine the 108 companies shortlisted 2009 quality management star rating list, including Yushun, Yu Shan, Liang Pu, Lou Xin, and other new wall materials business 12; Ying Shuo, Cao Yang, Beiheng, Yongcheng, a total of Wing thousands of building energy-saving materials such as enterprise quality, Dow Chemical, Yiyingde and other building energy-saving materials parts of the insulation board business good and compliance 12; Weishan Dabao, Jiangnan glass fiber, Huierjie good quality and compliance grid layout of six enterprises. One of the new wall materials for the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, sheet metal production enterprises, small concrete blocks, porous brick production enterprises, are large-scale industry, product quality is relatively stable, higher social reputation of the enterprise; Energy-saving materials systems and parts of the production enterprises for the production scale and sales of large, comprehensive strength, high social reputation, product quality and stability of enterprises, it has a wide range of industry representatives and authority.

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